Update to latest version error

When I upgrade the version of discourse from 2.8.0 to 2.9.0 it always shows this error.
OS is centos 8.0,1C2G
Can someone help me?

error.txt (3.3 KB)

How did you install?

The error is above what you showed.

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My Centos is a bit rusty, but try and run the update

  • sudo dnf makecache
  • sudo dnf update
  • sudo dnf upgrade

I updated the post

OK, thanks. I will try.

I think error code 137 is out of memory?

There was a recent topic with a similar issue that might help:


Fine, maybe you are right
Few month later I will update my sever

If you read through that topic, there were a couple of workarounds you could try beforehand?

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Yeah, sure!----------------

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Thank you---------------

Are you up and running again? :crossed_fingers:

No, I will try again after upgrading the server configuration in two to three months.

If your server doesn’t have swap, which you can check on your server by running the free command, then you could add swap rather than upgrading your server:


Thanks, I will try In the weekend.

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