Update topic time, but published time on google has not changed

I think, if the author of the topic has updated the content, then this time should also update. This ensures the content is refreshed on Google.
In the following images, is an example:
on Google:

16 time update content of topic:

As you see the original date still stays untouch. It doesn’t matter how many times first post is edited its date is 07/2020.

And changing tthe datum doesn’t update anything at Google’s side. Google will change it if it sees new datum AND if theirs algoritm thinks it should be changed.

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compared to Wordpress, I can change the publish date of the post.
In discourse, I also want to change this date (first date of posting topic),
either anyone has a way: Hide the date of the discourse on Google, but the discourse still has the date.

I believe changing the timestamp of a topic from the topic admin wrench can update the google results. I had my site ‘live’ for awhile before it was officially open, and I changed the timestamps just before I ‘opened’ so it looked fresh and new - and that seemed to travel through to the Google results after a day or two.

I’m afraid I can’t say for sure it will work in every case, but maybe worth a try if you need it? I think it also gives the replies a new timestamp relative to the OP as well, so that might be a side-effect you don’t want.

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Why would you do that? There is no point. Google accepts it if the content has changed significally. And even then it is not guaranteed.

Googlebot doesn’t visit you any more often. For that you have to create new content for longer periods time. Sure, there is one way to try achieve that (RankMath uses it) but it is bending rules and using same tech than news sites are using — Google has not punished when used on ”ordinary” sites, though.

There is two main reason when a webmaster wants to change update date frequently:

  • when tried to hurry up googlebot
  • when tried to give an illusion of uodated content to an user

You just can’t hurry up googlebot, and defenetly you can’t fool Google :wink: Fixing some typos and errors or adding some sentences is not update where the date should change. You have to change the content totally, give plenty some new content.

Trying to tell to a user that you have uodated/added new content when major of data is still 2 years old is just… not stupid, but waste of time.

You are wanting to do some totally unnecessary now. It doesn’t help you, visitor or Google.

I see what you mean: The main goal is still content, need to update a lot of new content.
That is my goal, if 1 week, I update many new content for 1 topic. But the time displayed on Google is still the old date.
Old days on google will negate my new content (updated in thread).
That’s why, on google, I want to update the first day of a topic to a new date.

Thank you,
thanks for the info: timestamp that you shared.
I suppose, on Google, this is the way to update the content display date.