Updating About topic title in category shows inconsistent label

When I change the name of a category and save it, that part works fine. But then when I go to edit the title of the default pinned topic in that same category to update that topic with the new category name – i.e. the auto-created one labeled “About the ____ category,” there’s some wonky behavior happening when trying to edit the topic title.

When I click the edit pencil near the topic title, the title is automatically updated with the new category name in the edit box, but when I click the checkmark to save it, it reverts back to the old title.

In order to actually change the topic title, I have to do some random edit to the name, save it, then change it to the new name and save it again.

It looks like Discourse is trying to automatically update that topic’s title to use the new category name, but it only does this in the edit box at first, not in the actual title. And it doesn’t save what’s in the edit box when I tell it to.

Seems like a minor bug. Did a search to see if anything like this was already reported, but I didn’t find anything.


Possibly a bug cc @neil


Fixed via: