Updating email preferences via API

(Karl) #1

I’ve spent several hours trying to update users email preferences via the api, and haven’t had much luck. Specifically, I want to enable Activity Summary and turn of Mailing list mode.

Has anyone done this and succeeded and can point me at where I’ve gone wrong?

Some examples below.

I tried this with and without the user/user option layers. Unfortunately there isn’t a meaningful error, just a page of html spat out.

$ curl -X POST --data ‘user: { user_option: {“mailing_list_mode_frequency”: 1, “email_direct”: True, “mailing_list_mode”: False, “email_digests”: True, “email_in_reply_to”: True, “enable_quoting”: True, “like_notification_frequency”: 1, “email_always”: True, “email_private_messages”: True, “email_previous_replies”: 1, “include_tl0_in_digests”: True}}}’ “https://discuss.example.com/users/karl_goetz?api_key=[..]&api_username=karl_goetz


Using pydiscuourse (installed from pip), has also failed. Some examples of me finding with the options:

discourse_client.set_preference(mailing_list_mode=False, email_digests=True, email_direct=True, email_in_reply_to=True, email_private_messages=True, digest_after_minutes=1440, include_tl0_in_digests=True)

discourse_client.set_preference(‘karl_goetz’, email_always=True, mailing_list_mode=False, email_digests=True, email_direct=True, email_in_reply_to=False, email_private_messages=True, email_previous_replies=1, digest_after_minutes=1440, include_tl0_in_digests=True)

I can change my user preferences via chrome at example.com/u/karl_goetz/preferences/emails so that bit works and if nothing else I’ll try pushing data in through that route.

(Blake Erickson) #2

You will need to send a PUT request to /u/{{username}}.json


(Karl) #3

Thanks @blake, I think that has me back on the right path.

curl -X PUT “https://discuss.example.com/u/karl_goetz.json?api_key=[...]&api_username=karl_goetz&mailing_list_mode=false&email_digests=true

Now when I refresh the web my settings have changed from mailing list mode to activity summary.

After more annoyance and reporting to reading the pydisuourse source it appears the _PUT method doesn’t support passing params so I used their _request method directly.

{‘email_always’: ‘true’, ‘mailing_list_mode_frequency’: 1, ‘email_private_messages’: ‘true’, ‘email_direct’: ‘true’, ‘mailing_list_mode’: ‘false’, ‘digest_after_minutes’: 1440, ‘email_digests’: ‘true’, ‘include_tl0_in_digests’: False, ‘email_in_reply_to’: ‘true’, ‘email_previous_replies’: 1, ‘api_username’: ‘karl_goetz’, ‘api_key’: ‘[…]’}
discourse_client._request(‘PUT’, ‘/u/karl_goetz.json’, params=d)

Which behaved as expected.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Do you know why some user settings are only accessible via /u/username not /users/username ?

(Blake Erickson) #4

At some point we renamed the /users endpoint to /u so that we can have pretty short urls in the browser like we do for topics and categories. If you do

$ rake routes | grep username

you will see most of the routes and I think currently most of the /users ones have duplicate /u routes. The line is generating the /u routes:

but I believe there are still some /users routes that don’t have a matching /u route.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

We should figure out what those are, and fix them so the /u works as expected…