Edit a user preference for everyone or a subset of users

If you need to update the user preference for all of your users or a large subset of users, you can do so via the rails console.

From console, run these commands to enter the rails console for Discourse

./launcher enter app
rails c

Then, run a command that selects the set of users you wish to update.


Set the last seen date for users who have never logged in

User.where("last_seen_at IS NULL").update_all(last_seen_at: 1.week.ago)

Unset mailing list mode for all users who may have set it

Set back to the default to stop emailing these users about every new post.

UserOption.update_all(mailing_list_mode: false)

Stop sending emails to active users

Set back to the default to suppress email notifications when user is active on the site.

UserOption.update_all(email_always: true)

Enable chat for all members of the beta group

beta_group = Group.find_by_name("beta")
beta_group.users.each do |user|
  UserOption.where(user_id: user.id).update_all(enable_chat: true)

Set preference to exclude previous replies in email notifications

UserOption.update_all(email_previous_replies: 0)

Where email_previous_replies can have one of the these values:

  • 0: always
  • 1: unless previously sent
  • 2: never

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Find the name of a setting

To find the name of the user setting to change, and all of its possible values, you have a few options:

  • Setup docker to expose psql and use PGadmin