Updating privacy statement - what data does CDCK collect from independent installs?

Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe CDCK gathers some information from remote, independent installs of Discourse, it’s been alluded to in the past.

Is there a statement anywhere of exactly what? Or at least a statement of the general level of detail might be useful.

As part of GDPR compliance, I’d like to include that in my privacy statement on my own installs so users are aware that that is happening and it’s transparent.

Many thanks!

It’s probably the standard usage statistics but I don’t know.

There is an option to disable those from the admin panel though.

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Discourse checks for current version in the dashboard, so it can tell sites when they have security exploits etc that need updating… that’s about it.


Thanks Jeff. Such a check would seem irrelevant to user privacy so no need for me to expand the statement, great!

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