Updating SSO documentation

I frequently refer to the Official Single-Sign-On post for SSO documentation. I just noticed, however, that the reference implementation has a few accessors that aren’t mentioned in that post (notably avatar_force_update, title, and groups). Would it be possible to update that post to include descriptions of these fields?


It is a wiki :slight_smile: feel free to give it a shot!


:open_mouth: no way! Here goes nothing!


That was easy enough. Thanks @sam!


I inspected discourse code base and added some notes about groups and the discourse option called sso overrides groups based on what I learned from that.

Perhaps someone could verify I got it right? Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso)


Edit seems fine, thanks Erik.


I have just been struggling with this implementation and would like to start by saying thanks for documenting the SSO function! Could not have done it without it!

However, the behavior I observed with a fresh test just now does not quite match this documentation. When the sso overrides groups option is specified the add_groups parameter does not add the listed groups. However the groups parameter does properly define the group memberships.

When the sso overrides groups option is not specified, then add_groups works but groups does not.

I also learned that the comma delimited list of groups is not tolerant of spaces around (or at least after) the commas. IIRC when there are spaces, only the first group gets recognized.

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The SSO documentation was excellent for helping me getting SSO setup. However, now I need to include custom field data with the payload and unfortunately the link in the documentation (under Advanced Features) leads to an error page. If someone can point me in the direction of the directions, I will gladly update the docs.

I see a clue on this page… hope that helps.