Upgrade from 3.1.0.beta2 to latest beta Failed

Is doing the standard pull and rebuild appropriate at this point? I’m reading that may have not worked for some people.

You mean that you tried the web-based upgrade and it failed?

Yes, a command-line rebuild is in order. It is almost never a bad idea to do a command line rebuild–especially if something else didn’t work.

The current version is 3.1.0.beta4.


That’s the keyword. Thank you confirming it’s ok this time.

Hmm, I’m wondering if it’s ever a bad idea to do a command line rebuild. My understanding is, there’s no extra risk. But there is potentially an extra cost: it’s slightly less convenient to do it; with a standard installation it will cause more downtime; and it needs more free disk space to do it. If you’re very short of space, that means more care needed.

In any case, I strongly recommend taking a backup immediately before any upgrade, and downloading that backup for safe keeping. (A snapshot of the machine, if your provider offers you the facility, could also be useful, but it’s not a backup.)

It’s hard for me to think of a time that a command line rebuild is less safe than one from the web interface, but maybe if there is a database upgrade that you don’t know is going to happen? But the first thing to do if your have virtually any issue is to rebuild.

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