Upgrade to 1.6.0.beta12 resulted in emoji showing as <img> tags in polls

(Barry van Oudtshoorn) #1

As you can see in this image:

the :frowning: emoji has been replaced by the HTML <img> tag in its raw form. Interestingly, when viewing the results, all appears as it should.

Is the new poll UI maybe constructing its elements using innerText?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

For you to look at @tgxworld

(Alan Tan) #3

Hi @barryvan Please upgrade to latest. This should have been fixed in

Has it been fixed?

  • Yes :allthethings:
  • No :sadpanda:

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(Barry van Oudtshoorn) #4

Looks like I’m already on latest…? How often will my Discourse instance poll (ha!) for a new release?

(Alan Tan) #5

From the code it looks like it checks everytime you load the page.

Let me know if the polls image is still an issue for you? :slight_smile:

(Barry van Oudtshoorn) #6

I think I must be missing something – my /admin page says that I have v1.6.0.beta12 +55 installed and that it’s the latest. :slight_smile:

(cpradio) #7

That is indeed the latest beta, but there are commits that you can still pick up by manually going to /admin/upgrade and having it upgrade (hence the +55 – you have 55 commits in additional to beta12)

(Barry van Oudtshoorn) #8

Thanks @cpradio. Got those commits from /admin/upgrade and it looks like @tgxworld’s fix has come through! :smiley:

(Alan Tan) #9