Upgrade without SSH access

I have an instance with docker_discourse stuck at 1b83bcc. The next commit, in my reading, requires running ./launcher rebuild app from the SSH console. I am tempted to upgrade to the latest version from the admin UI and see what happens, but I do not have SSH access to the server, so I expect this upgrade to leave the site with a message to run the command line.

Am I right, and I need SSH access, or can I proceed and upgrade via the admin?

My understanding is that the expected_version will trigger a requirement to rebuild the Docker container from scratch to avoid dangling images.

Thank you for your help.

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Not having SSH to the server is an unsupported way to maintain Discourse as you will need to update the base image from time to time. I highly recommend you figure out how to get SSH access to the forums you maintain.


I know, this is a special case of the sysadmin disappearing. So I guess you solved it. Thanks for the confirmation.

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If the sysadmin is really gone you can (and probably should) take a backup, set up a new server, and restore the data there.


Yes, this would be the simple, straightforward, rational solution. But it entails a number of problems, including changing the domain name, etc. I’ve been trying to take it easy, give some time to the sysadmin, and have the community make a collective decision. These things are not always a question of solving a technical issue, the human factor is important to take into account.

What you propose is a last resort solution that might eventually be taken.

Thank you for your concern!


I see. I had assumed that you had control over the domain name, which is separate from the server itself. It sounds much more complicated. :frowning:


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