Upgrading installation from 2016

We have a Discourse installation built from sources in 2016 and we need to move it to a different machine. Is an upgrade to modern Discourse running in docker possible? If it isn’t I am going to try get that version working but am running into assorted problems.


Hey David, welcome to Meta :wave:

What version is the old installation running on?

If it’s a very old version, then I would recommend taking a backup, creating a new staging server following the official guide, and then restoring the backup there. If everything works as expected, then you’re all set and you can create a new production server following the same guide and then restore the backup there.

If not, please feel free to post any issues you encounter and we’ll try to help :+1:


Thanks. It’s whatever was on master when it was installed. I will try your suggestion.

# git log
commit 65e808b26d6195b8dcc75d9c51e19b09a01891a6
Author: Sam <sam.saffron@gmail.com>
Date:   Tue Jan 12 15:49:05 2016 +1100

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Wow that actually worked! Nice work guys! Will try to keep the new installation a bit more up-to-date :slight_smile:


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