Upload image without LINKING

I am trying to find the source of this problem.

I want that when a Discourse user uploads a screenshot, it will upload (as it normally does) but that the topic will have NO outgoing link, that is, it will not have the <a href> tag, but will only process the <img> without link.

I’ve done tests, including here on meta, and I can’t find a way to make discourse disable outgoing links on images. Is there a way to configure it?

This is an example, see this screenshot:

And other image

It seems to be a dimension issue on the image.
If the image is small in size, upload and have no outgoing link.

See example of a 400 px image:

This last image, 400px, at least in my tests, has no outgoing link. It only displays the image, but doesn’t add the outgoing <a href> to it to see the larger image.

Where in Discourse can I set this up?

About the screenshots content

Ps, all the screenshots have been random to prove the point I want to make. They have nothing to do with the topic.

Images size less than or equal to max image width and max image height are not resized and lightboxed, if it’s what you mean.