Uploaded txt file does not appear to be in S3

Today we got a new support thread in our discourse where someone uploaded a file, (FileName-555.log.txt) However, when we click on the link in the discussion it doesn’t show up.

One thing which is strange is that in S3, we don’t have any 2X folders at all. All of our original files are organisd in 3X/x/y

I was not able to reproduce the problem and when I attempted to upload a file on our support forum it worked fine.

I’m trying to dig into what happened so I’m exec into our discourse pod and I’ve connected to the database. Is there any diagnostic I can run to find out what’s happened to the uploaded file?

We are on discourse version: 2.6.0.beta2

When we click the link to download our file from the discussion we are redirected to S3 instead of seeing the file download:

<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>

How did you create the image that you’re running in your pod?

I just tested a txt upload on an instance and it gets a URL like https://support.literatecomputing.com/uploads/short-url/blah.txt which redirects to the S3 location.

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