Upvote plugin help

Hey all,

We would like to ask for some help. We installed an upvote plugin which works great inside the topic (activated through the settings), but we would like to add those upvote boxes to the list of topics, not just inside a topic.

Can you please help us with this? Also, how can it be like that on all the forums that we open?

We host our Discourse system ourselves.

Thank you,

Hello and welcome :wink:

Please read about your request here: Vote from outside topic

And use the #plugin:voting category, for search and post if you need some help about that plugin.


Hey, what I meant is that we want it to look like this here: Feature Requests - Game Events - Overwolf Developers Q&A

They have the upvote system outside of the topic. How can we do that as well?


I think there is a theme-component, take a look: Alternative Voting Category Style


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi Asaf, Iā€™m trying to set this up (upvote comments inside a topic), can you advise which upvote plugin you used? What settings do you mean? Many thanks!