Please help with the Discourse Voting Plugin

Hi everyone,

We’ve installed this plugin on our Discourse community:

And we’ve enabled ‘display the top votes at first’… but when this feature is enabled, it is automatically linking to the page with the ‘top’ voted entries, but the list is not displaying the top voted entries.

Please have a look here:

It should show the items with the most votes at first - but this is just showing random entries.

Can somebody help me?

Thanks a lot.

Hi :wave:

You have selected top topics. To see the votes in order move two to the left. See attempt at red square :grin:


btw It’s super bad etiquette to @ mention someone for support, especially on the weekend :frowning:


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Agreed and thanks for the comment. I’ve edited that out. There is never a need to ping us individually at any time unless you are part of a specific discussion with a team member. @JammyDodger is our CM and he will assign us if appropriate.


Hi all,

@merefield & @HAWK I am sorry, I wasn’t familiar with the forum etiquette.

This makes sense and I am sorry for tagging the other staff member individually.

@ondrej thanks a lot - this solved the problem.


Don’t be. That is quite unkonown here. I don’t have been here years, but I’ve read a lot of topics — and I heard first time mentioning is limited and not wanted when person is part of team.

And now I’m ready with this sidetopic.

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