Urdu language support added

Last week I created a PR to add Urdu language support in Discourse. However, the build was failing due to the missing moment.js Urdu locale file in the repo. It turned out that Urdu locale was not present in the main moment.js repository either. So, I added Urdu translations and unit tests in moment.js as well. Now, I have added the corresponding locale file in the PR and the build is passing. I believe it is ready to be merged now. It is my first PR in Discourse repo and I am not aware of the review process here, so please do the needful.


On my evaluation installation I got the notification about the 1.7.0.beta9 update, but I am afraid to update my installation as it contains the changes I made to support Urdu. Which basically means, I will have to make those changes back again after the update. I would appreciate if it was merged, unless there is anything wrong with the PR which is mostly translation YAML files, a couple of JS files, and one small change in a Ruby file, so the code review should not be difficult. In that case I am willing to make changes if needed.

It looks like the RTL support in the newly added Urdu language is not taking affect on the client side as the interface is not changing right to left as it does for Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian. Although, I thought inclusion of the ur in the rtl_locales method should be enough. Any idea what is missing?

I think I got it. A PR would be on it’s way soon. However, the same information is in two places, which is repetition.

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An array of RTL languages is present in two places, one in the RTL model class and the other in the application helper class. Previously, Urdu was only added in the RTL model class which was not taking affect on the interface. This PR should fix it. I have tested the changes in the test installation, the behavior is as expected. So, please consider the PR to ready to be accepted.

However, I feel that the duplication of the code should be avoided and the array of RTL languages should be maintained in one place to avoid similar issues in the future.

It is discouraging to realize that an almost two weeks old, minor, but crucial PR is neither getting merged nor receives any feedback from repo maintainers. In the interim, I tried to ping @sam twice on the PR itself (because I didn’t know other active maintainers).

Sorry, I’ve just merged it.

Normally we are much faster, but many of us are busy with the holidays, moving countries and dealing with high priority security issues.


Also if you need prioritized support, I respectfully request that you purchase a hosting plan from https://discourse.org/buy

Wait a second, are you suggesting that one should pay money in order to contribute to the code base to make the software better?

No - Jeff is suggesting that user’s of Discourse who do not pay for hosting should not have any expectation of “promptness” in regards to support - regardless of if support is reviewing a PR or something else.


There are over 100 million people in the world who speak Urdu. Thanks for doing this!


I for one am super exited to see Urdu support which will be helpful for my community - thanks for contributing it! :rocket: Let me know if you need some volunteer translators to pitch in and I can check with my colleagues.