URL to latest topic in a category

Would it be possible to have a URL that would automatically redirect to the last topic in a category?


would automatically redirect to (in this case) : https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-version-1-5/30609 or whatever is the latest topic in that category?

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What would be the use case for this? I’m trying to think of reasons why I would want to be redirected to a random topic, as you have no idea really what topic it will take you to.


An example would be linking to topic for the latest/current version of discourse (above example) without having to change the link for each new release. You could simply use the url https://meta.discourse.org/c/releases/last or something like that and always have it go to the most current/latest topic in that category.

So by latest, you mean the last topic created, not necessarily the most recent topic to have activity.
Am I understanding that properly?

As version 1.3 may have a reply after 1.4 is announced. You’d still want to link to go to 1.4’s topic

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Yeah, fixed the title to reflect that!

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