Post saved succesfully before image uploading process completed


today an user tried creating a post with an image and probably user pushed the create post button before the image uploading process completed but post saved successfully.

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Hey OP, is it cool with you if I send you a Message about this?

I… have a suspicion that I’d like to raise with you, but I think it would be unfair of me to suggest such publicly. It would potentially explain how this happened without Discourse’s UI having a bug.

The ‘reply’ button should be inactive/greyed out while the images are uploading. Is this something you can test yourself on your site and see if it’s working as expected?

The only way I could replicate this so far is if I manually edited the uploading text before the image has finished processing. Could this be user error in that way rather than a bug?


yes maybe this happened.

Thank you.

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it ok for me.


No worries. :slight_smile: I’ve slipped this topic over to #support, but if it happens again we can investigate further. :+1: