Use AI to identify which post should have marked solution and did not

Some posts are questions seeking solutions. If the Solved Plugin is installed, users should select the solution for the post with the answer. When the original poster (OP) indicates that something worked or solved the problem and did not mark the post as the solution, the AI should recognize this and suggest to the user that they consider clicking the Solution button.

Related Topics are very useful and often list a topic where a solution can be found. If a related topic in the list has a marked solution, it will be shown with an icon. However, many users may not know or care to mark a post as the solution. If more users marked posts with solutions, Related Topics could possibly be tweaked to offer a solution based on related topics with marked solutions.

An example of a post where the OP noted there is a solution but did not mark the solution using the Solution button as the Solution icon is missing before the title.


How it will appear with the Solution icon.


Example of a tricky one, does it really provide a solution others can use?

This post notes it is solved and even gives the answer but as another user ask, what are the specifics as they can not use the solution as noted.