Use an import script that requires MySQL

Thanks for this clear guide, it was key to my understanding of the import process instead of just blindly copy/pasting commands.

I’m still trying to figure out the fastest way to import a very large Drupal forum, and I still get the impression that things could be optimized in my case to shave off some downtime when I do the final production forum migration run. I may be a bit of a graybeard but I’m not yet totally sold on the whole Docker/containerization paradigm. I’m positive that I read somewhere that there was a Docker bug at some point that was causing massively slower performance of dockerized MySQL instances. On the Docker forum I’m seeing this report, but not sure if it’s still relevant. Also it might not be relevant in my case because I’m running Debian instead of Ubuntu on the host.

Another option might be to install MySQL or MariaDB on the host OS outside of the container?

And without getting into the weeds, what about optimizing the my.cnf with some suggestions from MySQLTuner ? The standard Docker configuration that works across the board for all instances can’t be optimal with its buffer pool instances and key buffer sizes, which make a massive difference on a dedicated production DB.