Use Sendgrid for hosted account?

Is there a way we can use our Sendgrid account on the Discourse hosted account?

No – we handle all email for hosted accounts. What’s the specific need/benefit here, e.g. why would you want this?


I guess to consolidate our email sending activity so we can monitor it or maybe even troubleshoot any issues ourselves if they happen. Our main body of customers are in the education sector and they tend to be extremely strict on what emails they let through, so if we use our own MX that we know works or is whitelisted with them there will be no cause for support issues down the road sending notifications.

But, if the hosted version of Discourse uses its own MX system then we will go with that, hopefully there won’t be any issues sending to the education sector.


Having many other education sector clients, I can report that we have not had many problems in the past. This is one of those places where it’s easy to anticipate a problem where none exists.

BUT if any crop up just get in touch!