Use tags to duplicate images?

Hi guys, thank you for any help you can give me.

Is there a way to have a tag or other means to repost a image into a separate thread?

As a example, on our community we would like to run a “reptile of the month” competition, where if a user thinks a picture of another users animal is worthy of entry they can reply to that image “+ROTM”. (using + instead of # so I don’t create that tag here).

From there I would like that specific image to be automatically posted/quoted into a separate “Reptile of the month” topic, where the winner will be decided by a poll on that topic at the end of the month and receive a winners badge.

Or is the simplest route to just have users quote that image themselves into that topic?
Thanks again for any help.

Wait… what? Why not just have people press the like button under the post with the image, then count the number of likes? The image posts with the most likes win.

I’m not following why it has to be so complicated?

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Sorry, im struggling to word it easier.
Basically these images could come from any other topic in any of the categories not from the actual competition topic.

Say on a random topic someone post a picture of there snake, if another user thinks that snake could win the competition then they could add a tag that would automatically post that image into the competitions thread

They won’t all be posted in the same place, but I would like them to be.

Does that make any more sense? :blush:

Simplest low friction way of achieving this is to quote the image and post it as a reply in your “centralized” topic. Automation here, though feasible with webhooks and so on is complex.


To make @codinghorror approach easier you can use this data explorer query:

SELECT AS post_id,
  COUNT( as likes
  post_actions ON post_actions.post_id =
  AND post_actions.post_action_type_id = 2
  posts.created_at BETWEEN '2020-01-01' and '2020-01-30'
  AND posts.raw LIKE '%upload://%'
  AND (posts.raw LIKE '%png%' OR posts.raw LIKE '%jpg%')

Posts from January with image uploads sorted by likes.