Use wordpress membership to also join forum

I’m planning on adding Discourse to one of my charity websites. It’s self (IONOS) hosted and running wordpress. I haven’t yet looked into the installation process for this and am happy to use a sub domain if needs be, but I was wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible to use the wordpress membership list to automatically add people to the forum too?

Whilst I’m here, if anyone can recommend any good documentation for installing the free discourse software, I’d love to see it. Thanks!

Have a look at our WordPress plugin: WP Discourse – WordPress plugin | That plugin allows you to configure Single Sign On between a WordPress site and a Discourse site. If you have questions about how to set that up, try asking them in our #support:wordpress category.

Have a look at discourse/ at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub. The link in that guide to the Beginner Docker install guide is a good place to get started with installing Discourse.


Thanks Simon!
Looking into this, I see it says I must have SSH access to a 64-bit Linux server with Docker support.

I’m guessing it means that with a standard IONOS hosting package, this is not possible?

That is probably correct. I am not aware of any shared hosting providers that are configured in a way that would allow you to install Discourse.


Ah ok, thanks very much for your help!