User cannot delete own topics once they have replies

I don’t think so, @nbianca?

As a moderator, I’m against this change. Even if users do want to delete topics, it still might have helpful information for other users to use, and if they truly do want to delete the topic, a flag will be much easier.

I used to be against it too, but after seeing it in action, it reduces moderator workload and lets users help remove unnecessary topics.


Topics will be closed when a user deletes it. I have also ensured that topic stubs will be destroyed after delete_removed_posts_after hours.


I have a particular use case where it actually makes sense for users to delete their own topics, even if they have replies.

My discourse installation allows users to post poems and to receive literary comments, appraisal or suggestions from other users. It happens relatively often that users want to delete the original topic, after having received replies: because they plan to publish a poetry book, or want to take part in a literary contest… or just because they changed their mind and want to keep the poems private.

Since users hold their property rights on their literary creations it does not make sense to prevent them for deleting their own contents, and handling removal requests may be an important overhead for moderators.

Would it be possible to have an allow/disallow option for users deleting any own topic (in addition to the existing option for topics without no replies)?


(Sorry for reopening this topic, let me know whether I should open a new one!)

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Are you sure Discourse is the right solution for this?


Honestly, I think it is a very good solution. I migrated from a Reddit-like platform to Discourse and users love how Discourse fosters interaction, trust and community building, which is the main goal of this site (and which differentiates it from other blogging or forum platforms). They just need some additional control over their contents.

Your best option here might be a plugin that enables self topic deletion in a particular category only.


There’s no great solution for this right now other than having topic owners flag their topics, and then staff can delete them.


I solved this by allowing users to re-tag, or re-disposition, their post through edit and changing the tag.

Instead of delete, users will change the WTS (want to sell) tag to SOLD tag.


Worth noting that’s the approach we took on the Meta #marketplace, with the #completed tag!


A quick and dirty approach would be implement a plugin to override can_delete_topic?(topic) method. Does it makes sense?


Another plugin solution would be to have the topic moved to a hidden category. Then you’d still have an easy to find record of the conversation should it be needed (abuse or whatever).