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Awesome. Thanks.
I’ve used unchecked the user statistics on the component and also using the tool icon. But it still shows:

Any options to get rid of the posted and read time?

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Did you do a hard refresh in your web browser? I noticed this too.

I also noticed that fields can show up twice in user cards if you have the custom user field set to “show on user card”.

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Certainly possible, but would require a fair bit of refactoring. Right now this component literally replaces all the template code for the regular user directory.

This is currently possible via CSS, and we could potentially automate those CSS changes via some theme settings.

There’s a theme setting to hide the current user, which should help with that issue

By “User statistics”, I mean the bar along the bottom of each user card. See the screenshot in the OP for an example. In your screenshot, it looks like the statistics bar is not present.

As in, it will appear on the user card, and also in the ‘statistics’ at the bottom of the card? If it’s already on the user card, then I’d suggest removing it as one of the statistics (using the :wrench:)


Yes, that makes sense. Or deselect the “show on user card” setting for the user field.

It’s not possible apparently to not show any of the statistics columns and only display the cards without any statistics. This is not a problem, just something I noticed. :slight_smile:

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There is a theme setting which should be labelled “show statistics under each user card”. If you turn that off, the bar at the bottom should completely disappear.

Admittedly it is confusing for this to be buried in the theme settings, while the column selection is available right there on the directory page… but we’re kinda limited by the theme component framework there. :cry:


Since the list view has become more useful (New Leaderboard/User Directory Features 🎉), would you consider adding a button that allows users to switch between the list view and the card view?


There is now a toggle, and the default view can be configured in the theme component’s settings. I’ve installed it here on Meta, and set the default view to “table”. If you visit, you should now see a toggle in the top right


This works well in the desktop view, but the button to switch back from table view to card view is missing in mobile view.


Thanks David, Just checking - There’s no way to remove the line in the main card that show the user’s join date, last post date and read time?

It would be great to have an option to remove this line as well.

We want to give our users more privacy. We want to have a user directory to allow members to find each other for private messaging, but we don’t want publish how often they interact on the site.



I’m afraid there’s no option to remove that information from Discourse core. However, if you’re happy with a purely cosmetic fix, it can be hidden from the user card using some custom css in a theme. For example:

.card-row.metadata-row {
  display: none;

(note that users could still technically access the information using their browser’s developer tools)


Thank you very much!


These are BEAUTIFUL. When signed in I can filter the user directory by group. Could the public user directory be filtered by group as well?

When Not Signed In

When Signed In

Our groups are public