User card out of alignment

There seems to be an issue with the Who’s Online plugin and the official Search banner theme component .

That is, the user card is being displayed in an irregular fashion when this plugin is enabled with that theme-component.

After disabling the theme-component, it’s aligned the right way.
Can you please check if there’s something that you could do on this?
(Something like a fix to always display the user-card below the clicked location, instead of automatically choosing an alignment?)

I don’t think this is a theme-specific issue. I tried with all themes including the default one and the issue persists.


This means it is a problem with the theme component, not the plugin. I’ve made a change to the component that should fix it (also moved your post to the component topic).


Thanks a lot, works good now :slight_smile:

Yeah I got that. Just thought if the issue could be fixed from the plugin by setting something like always displaying the user-card only beside the user-icon. (And also thought if this theme-component was no longer being updated since the last commit was almost 1 year ago :wink: )


hi, after the recent update, the search banner won’t show up if the Topic list sidebar navigation theme is also active.


oh I see, I wasn’t accommodating the plugin outlet in the layout… if you update the component this should fix it: