User cards hidden under header

User cards toggled from the online user list are partially hidden by the header.

I suppose it is because of the new header CSS, and the card Y position calculation doesn’t take the header height into account.

I don’t have this issue on my other forum, which isn’t updated yet:

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Oh yes, that does seem to be the problem… though it’s a bit odd that it isn’t a problem in the topic list? Looking into a fix.

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What do you mean? I encounter the issue on any page.

Note that it’s only when I click a user in the who’s online user list since the content is close to the header.

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oh sorry that wasn’t clear, I meant it’s odd that positioning is only off in the plugin and seems ok within the topic list itself.

I’ve got a fix in the queue that should improve the positioning:


I’ve upgraded Discourse, but there are still issues:

  1. For websites with a custom header on top of Discourse’s header, which is quite frequent I believe, the card position seems (I’m not sure this is the reason) to erroneously take the custom header height into account, so the card is is displayed a bit too low:

  2. Cards at the very bottom of the window are off-screen:

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There have been some positioning fixes made over the past weeks, it looks like positioning is ok on unicylist now? Can you confirm when you get a chance? (love the loading unicycle btw)


The card top position seems to ignore Discourse’s header height:

Alson clicking an avatar at the bottom of the screen makes the card to be a bit off-screen:

I’m on 2.6.0.beta6

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