User card overflows outside of window

I’ve tracked down the change that causes the issue, not sure why it was changed here:

I tested it on my install, reverting the above change, using the overage variable like it was before, causes the user card to display properly.

My question for @sam is why change it?

PR for fix:

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It was rendering offscreen in certain browser widths afaik.

That makes sense, as to why the original solution wouldn’t work. Though what you changed it to definitely didn’t fix the issue.

Do you know what browsers it was having trouble with? I can modify my fix to accommodate those browsers.

Can you test this on a site with a custome header like at various widths. I think chrome exhibited the issue at very particular widths.

Current behavior

Using overage

Window width: 854px (was lowest width to have multiple users in users column)

I also tested in Firefox and Safari and the behavior was consistent, for what it’s worth.

I will pull this in and keep an eye on it, thanks!

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As an FYI, I found the issue after adding the user card markup to the last poster info on my version of the minimal theme. Since the last poster is on the far right, it was always going over the edge.

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Wow - damn - there’s a bloody big picture of me.

That was unexpected!

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Reminds me of the poster I have in my bedroom :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Here’s one of @codinghorror and @sam talking


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