User feedback and closed registration?

(Shaun Defense) #1

I’m very interested in using Discourse for a project but I have a few features I need. Are these available or would it need to be developed if possible?

User Feedback
I would like an ebay style feedback system that would allow for users to leave feedback for other users. Stars and comments. Users will be engaging in private transactions so I would like to have a trust system.

Private Registration
Are we able to keep registrations closed that require an admin approval? This would also mean we need additional fields on registration that allow us to make these decisions.


(Régis Hanol) #2

You’ll need to write a plugin for that.

Both user approval and custom fields on registration are already available in DIscourse :wink:

(Shaun Defense) #3

Good news about the user approval and custom fields!

I will have to seek out a developer to assist with the feedback. I’m sure it would be welcomed in the community :slight_smile: