User invitation/poking a user feature not working?

Hi! I recently posted something and I wanted to “backstage” invite someone to contribute instead of mentioning them.

I found this feature which seems to support this:

That said, when I click on “Share” and try to invite a user, it doesn’t look up or find any users. It seems that I can only enter an email address.


Is this because the feature is no longer live or because something is broken? Or am I doing something wrong?

Hi Coleman,

As of March 2022, the ability to notify / invite an existing user to a topic via their username has been removed due to the potential for abuse. See Notify Feature can be easily abused for more details about this change. Note that it’s still possible to invite a new user to a topic using an email address, you just can’t notify an existing user about a topic from their username through the invite menu.


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