User lists grows vertically with large numbers of tags

Whit last one version of Discourse looks like there is an issue with height of posts in list of posts when there is lager amount of tags and multiple users.

As I can notice, if first post contains large amount of tags, then user list grows verticaly not horizontaly

Here in category there is same post whit growin user list to left


Apologies for spamming,
It looks like that there is no need to first post contains many tags.

If any post in list is overtaged regardless is it first or is it initially visible rows of list will grow vertically for each user in topic

You’re really pushing the limits with the number of tags used per topic as well as the length of each tag. It might make sense to check if all those tags are needed.

Regardless, I pushed small fix with some protection for topics with a lot of tags. If there’s not enough space, the tag container will now wrap.


Thank you a lot,
It is ok now, we our overtaged topics don’t breaking height of rows in topic lists.


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