Tag pages show only 10 entries


on our discourse if you click on a tag the tag page shows only 10 entries although there are a lot more topics with the tag. There is no “load more” button or something like that. If scanned the admin panel twice but could not find an option to change it.

Any suggestions how I could get the tag pages to display all topics with the tag?

thank you

Hmm. It does appear that this tag page is showing only 10 topics when the tags page says that there are 15. And this one lists only 7 when there should be 39.

Hey. I’m not logged in. Could it be that the missing topics are in some category not available to certain users?

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@pfaffman thanks. Nope, we don’t have anything that hides topics from users. And I am the admin. All topics are visible for me and I get the same result as you.

@jomaxro - yes, looks like the same problem. I wonder: We had the unofficial tag plugin installed before there was an official one. You too? Maybe this causes the problem.

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I’m not sure what you mean by “unofficial tag plugin”. Perhaps this is before my time, but I’ve only seen the #official tag plugin, and then it was integrated into core. Was there an unofficial tag plugin that pre-dated the official one, or are you refering to the move from #plugin to core?

Hmm, I’m seeing so many I have trouble counting them. I see around 140 tags listed.

@Mittineague, I think you may have misunderstood the issue. We’re seeing discrepancies between the number of topics for a specific tag, not the overall number of distinct tags.

For example, the action tag shows x15 on the /tags page, but loading /tags/action only shows 10.


I am not a tech guy. But yes, when we started using discourse there were no tags in the official version. Only an unsupported plugin.

This was resolved per Incorrect Count on /tags page.