User notifications for an event not working

I crated a new event, then selected the ellipse and selected to notify another user (two users, actually).

Neither user ever received a notification. I’m also not really sure where they’d receive it? As a PM? In their notification window?

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It should appear in their notification menu like so:

event notification

But I think I can replicate this:

  • Create an event
  • Use ‘Notify user’ option and select a user
  • User does not receive a notification

However -

  • Create an event
  • Use ‘Notify user’ option and select a group
  • Members of the group receive a notification as expected

Something doesn’t seem to be firing for the individual users.

This has been fixed and merged here FIX: Missing event user notifications by jdmartinez1062 · Pull Request #418 · discourse/discourse-calendar · GitHub. let me know if you encounter any issues


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