User_posted emails missing poster details

After updating to version 2.9.0.beta1 the user_posted and user_replied emails are missing the details of the user that posted. We are using the default email template:





Do we now need to add an extra variable to get the poster details?

Have you been able to fix this? Your deleted reply says you have.

It turns out to be more complicated. Apparently an addition had been made to the email templates and subseqently deleted. It seems that any edit to the template causes the poster details to be omitted, and the only way to get the poster info back is by “reverting” the edit (simply deleting the addition wasn’t sufficient).

I can’t tell whether this behaviour is peculiar to 2.9.0.beta1, or whether the upgrade was coincidental with the discovery of the problem. Either way, we are unable to edit email templates without losing the poster details.

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