User Profile Avatar Icon not triggering Webhook


I’m running into some unexpected behavior.
In my Discourse instance (v2.3.0.beta6 +171) I have webhooks setup for User Events.

When a user logs in, logs out, is created, approved or updated.

When I update my profile icon, an event is not generated.

Functionality wise, I would expect this to trigger an event, so I can synchronize the users’ profile icon at the receiving server’s side.

Currently there is no way for me to know when a user has changed their profile icon through webhooks.

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I see, so this should be under the “user updated” webhook?

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Yes, I would assume functionality wise for it to trigger a user updated webhook.

Is this possible to implement?

Would it be a generic X-Discourse-Event-Type, or can you include a new event type for avatar-updated?

Is this still under consideration?


@maja can you ensure the “user event” webhook triggers whenever a user changes their avatar?


This is now fixed: