User profile links don't work for ONE user

(Christopher Heald) #1

We have one user whose About Me profile field never renders hyperlinks. The links aren’t present in the HTML source. Other formatting works. The links appear in the preview when I edit this user’s profile.

If I copy and paste the markup content of this user’s about me field to another test user’s about me field, all the links work. If I copy and paste some test about me content with links from another profile into this user’s profile, the links won’t render.

What would cause this to happen for this one user? This is the profile:

Markdown and preview have links:

Profile shows no links, not in the page source either:

Same markdown, copied to another user profile, and the links work:

(Robin Ward) #2

What trust level does the user have? We purposely hide links for users of low trust levels as a spam vector.

(Christopher Heald) #3

Aha. This user was trust level 0. The links rendered when I set their trust level to 1. Thank you @eviltrout.

(Robin Ward) #4

(Jeff Atwood) #5

This is a standard anti-spam measure, there are zillions of human spammers who create profiles (never posts) full of spam links after signing up.

For example…