Profile website hyperlink not working

Here we see a hyperlink to the user’s website. It even has a globe logo next to it. However no matter how many times we pound on it nothing happens.

Perhaps have a message saying, “You don’t have enough karma to make this link work.”(?) Just don’t have it do it nothing at all.

FWIW I’ve just tried clicking yours in a private window and it works for me.

Oh, hang on. Looking behind the profile in your screenshot, it looks like this is on another site? And it seems you only joined it an hour ago.

It’s a standard anti-spam tool, where links in new user’s profiles aren’t clickable. They become ‘live’ when you meet a certain trust threshold.


OK that is entirely reasonable.

However please be sure they look different in the two states.

For instance, when they are not clickable yet, (not ripe yet), have them in light grey.

Only when they are fully ripe, have them in black as above.

That’s the logic all fruits use.

Bananas: green when not ready. Yellow when OK.

Oranges: also green until orange.

Well the non-clickable one is not underlined, that is usually standard for hyperlinks show with an underline or blue instead of black like a good blueberry.


Ah, but blackberries are also delicious. But nobody would ever sink their teeth into a greyberry.

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