User URLs not hyperlinked at low trust levels

Not sure why, but usernames aren’t being hyperlinked.

Any thoughts please?

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Can you share a link to your forum?

Please see this section: Third-Party Giveaways - PrizeTopia

I’m not sure what is your problem about… Can you describe it more precisely?

Aren’t being hyperlinked where? The link you provide is to a category; you can click on the user avatar and get the user card, which does link to the profile.

The username is hyperlinked ,but the user name is not. IN your image you can click on “UKCompetitions” and get to the proflie, but not on “UK Competitions”

I am referring to the author’s web site in their bio.

If you see this page, and click on the author, a bio appears and the author URL is hyperlinked.

‘‘Housekeeping - PrizeTopia’’

On this page (and for all the authors) it isn’t.

‘‘Third-Party Giveaways - PrizeTopia’’

I don’t have a link at all under UKCompetitions’s profile:

Ah, right, I have just signed out and I can see what you can see - the author bios aren’t even appearing.

When I’m signed in as Admin, I see the whole use profile/description etc as per my screenshot above.

Any idea why?

Try changing the trust level of the user “UKCompetitions.”


Thanks, but that makes no sense. You can see the user bio fine (besides the company URL not being hyperlinked), whereas I and @Canapin can’t.

Boom!!! Thank you, sorted. Had to increase to ‘Trust Level 3 - Regular’.


Yes, this is a feature. If it wasn’t this way, you’d have tons of spam user accounts.


Thank you for the clarification. It’s a steep learning curve here but going well…

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