User receiving unwanted email from third party plugin

I have a user who is trying to remove himself from all mailings from my Discourse server. He’s technical and has seemingly done everything right, as you can see in this screenshot of his Emails preferences:

Plus, I have, as an admin, toggled the relevant settings on and off again, just to make sure the database has refreshed. And, to add insult to injury, he also used List-Unsubscribe:

I looked at the full headers, and saw within them

List-Unsubscribe: ⁨

so I copied and pasted that link into Safari and was taken to an unsubscribe page that accepted my request to set summary emails to “never”.

Unfortunately, none of this has stuck and he keeps receiving the daily summary. I’ve verified that he has only one account and that’s the one that is receiving the message.

And I can go into Admin > Emails > Sent and verify that he’s being sent a message every day, via the mailing_list type.

I do have the discourse-mlm-daily-summary plugin installed and activated. At this point, I’ve gotten a little mixed-up about which summary is which, but here’s a screenshot of the top of what he’s getting.

Any idea what’s going on here and how I might be able to troubleshoot and fix it?

This doesn’t look like the default discourse generated summary so maybe try disabling that plugin first to see if that helps?

Does he have mailing list mode turned on?

Ah! Good to know that it’s the plugin message rather than the native one. (Since I read everything on the Web, I don’t really focus on the email.)

That plug-in claims that it only sends email when the user is in mailing list mode, however.

I’m somewhat hesitant to turn it off, purely because it would probably solve the problem for this user, but then all the other users on the site who appreciate getting that message wouldn’t.

Nope, as you can see in the screenshot above, everything is unchecked.

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Discourse handles summary emails pretty well so you probably don’t need a 3rd party plugin but I’d leave that to you if you want to solve the problem or continue defending a buggy plugin :wink:

Remembering the issue now—the plugin restores Discourse’s previous behavior for providing a digest of all messages for users in mailing list mode. Since I was moving from a traditional mailing list with roughly half our users in Mailman’s digest mode, I wanted to replicate that option.

@joebuhlig is the author, so I’ll see if he has a suggestion.


The first suggestion would be to disable the plugin from the app.yml and rebuild to see if the emails stop. If he gets these emails daily it will only take 24 hours to get an answer either way.


To close the loop on this problem, just disabling the plugin didn’t work, disabling and rebuilding didn’t work, and the only thing that finally made a difference was deleting it entirely and rebuilding.

And now I have people wondering where their full-text digest of all messages has gone, but they’ll just have to live with the built-in summary of popular topics.