Daily Summary Plugin / digest mode: all categories? alternatives?

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at Restore Mailing List Mode Daily Summary I learned that @joebuhlig created discourse-mlm-daily-summary with the intention to bring back, what sounds like a feature that used to included in the mailing list mode. Is that correct so far?

At our instance, we managed to test it. Now it looks like one receives the digest, but from every category that has not been explicitly muted. Since our instance has a lot of elderly users still mourning us migrating from Mailman to Discourse, they keep pulling for digests, while being unhappy with having to use the browser.

It’s so cool to be able to present them this alternative of having a digest mode again, but I’m afraid if they have to mute all of our 50+ categories, they might get “a little” upset.

Is there any way to have this plugin only respect the watched/followed categories, like the “normal” email mode? Is there any other way to have digests?

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Thanks so much for replying. Are the configuration options for categories global or based on the user’s settings?

Up to now, only global configuration is supported.

You would like to have individual subscriptions for any user?

I would like it to respect the general category notification settings the user configured.