User removed automatically from Custom groups

Hi Support Team,
We are facing issue that some of our user removed automatically from some of our groups but there subscription is active in WordPress which is cause the removal. also I can,t find the file system for discourse on our server can you guide me how can i have the access to that. This is the URL of our discourse “”. here is attach the screenshot of custom group section which was automatically remove the sucscriptions for user.

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Hey @tanveerJF are you saying you have some kind of Wordpress to Discourse group sync and it’s not working properly?

If so, you’ll need to give us more information on how you’ve set that up, for example what technology you’re using or what guide you followed?. There are a number of ways to sync Wordpress groups with Discourse groups.


We are using wp-discourse plugin to sync the discourse with WordPress Woo Commerce subscription.

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This is the link to the plugin we are using: WP Discourse – WordPress plugin |
The user’s memberships are synced with the discourse groups, when a specific subscription ends, the user gets removed from that specific group, but the problem is, currently the users are randomly being removed from the discourse groups even though their subscription is working fine. This website was developed by another developer, and if you want, I can provide you the delegated access so you can take a look through it.

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There isn’t official support for Wordpress → WooCommerce → Discourse membership integration. It will require a developer to look at your specific implementation of it.

Implementations of WooCommerce integrations can vary a fair bit, so it’s a bit tricky to help you in this context. If you are no longer in contact with the developer who developed the integration, you can hire another developer in the #marketplace.

Whomever you hire to work on it for you will find this discussion helpful

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