User scores / Reputation plugin

(Orlando Del Aguila) #1

Hello everyone,

I developed a Scores plugin that calculates user scores from Discourse stats.

This plugin is not ready to be shipped, but I would like to get feedback from you and see if there’s enough interest on this to happen.

Things I’m looking feedback with:

  • How to show the scores in users profile
  • How to show the scores in users cards
  • How to show the scores in users avatar


My thoughts about ‘reputation’ or ‘karma’
Looking for Users Ranking plugin
(Hakan) #2

Reddit karma system can be very nice like.

Position It can be located next to the user profile, next to the score, or trust level.

(jacob) #3

Speaking of a Reputation system, you could maybe create another plugin of which the general audience are able to edit the reputation of another user, such as phpBB. A user can add or subtract a certain amount of reputation from an individual along with adding a reason why.

Other than that, I’m looking forward for the release of this plugin, hopefully soonTM. :smiley:

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(Theportablegeek) #4

In some other topics this plugin concept really seemed to be gaining traction, but not here. Strange …
Hope that you are able to make something happen with this :slight_smile:

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(Orlando Del Aguila) #5

Looks like there’s not enough interest for this plugin to happen.

(Theportablegeek) #6

Sorry to hear! And surprised based on the extensive conversation elsewhere on meta. Just sent you a PM about a custom build cost. Hope something can happen still!

(Hakan) #7

You have to do this, my friend, we have your support

(Mittineague) #8

I think a link to the plugins GitHub repo might help. As it is now it looks like there is only a mock-up of what the UI might look like. That gives the impression this plugin is in only the very early RFC stage and that this topic would more correctly belong in the #dev category. Being able to access and analyze / test the existing code could go far in spurring more interest.

(Orlando Del Aguila) #9

This is why there’s no repo

(Makary Gołosz) #10

Okay, so what kind of ‘interest’ you are looking for?
I’d be really happy with such plugin, but at this moment there is not much to be interested about, just a UI mockup of plugin admin interface…


There’s definitely interest in the concept, but I think people would feel more confident in this plugin specifically if they saw some code.

Don’t wait for people to be excited before making the code available; make the code available so that people can start getting excited. :+1:

(Orlando Del Aguila) #12

This is not a mockup, this is a screenshot of how the plugin works in the admin, like I said in the post, this was build for a specific project, and is not ready to be used by others. The ‘interest’ I’m looking is if there’s enough people who will benefit from this (and I’m not talking about 2 or 3 people) to invest time in actually building the rest of things in order to be installed in other Discourse instances.

I guess I’ll just leave it like this, there are some people that is reaching out to pay for the plugin, probably I’ll go that route.


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(Theportablegeek) #13

Thanks for your quick replies to everyone and I totally understand wanting to guage the interest.

How many people would you need to see interest from you make this worthwhile and how would you like to see that interest gauaged? Comments? Direct messages? Through a poll?

(Theportablegeek) #14

Would you benefit from a User Score /Reputation Plugin being developed?

  • Yes, absolutely!
  • No, waste of time.

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(Just another happy Discourse user) #15

Can’t respond to the poll because I can’t use it right now but might use it later.

(Theportablegeek) #16

Please respond if it’s of use to you. The potential designer of the plugin @eatcodetravel is hoping to find out if there is enough interest at scale to build the plugin, let’s help show that there is!

(Orlando Del Aguila) #17

Thanks for the pool @theportablegeek. I’m right now busy with my main job a side project I’m working on ( I hope I can make a release by the end of September but now I see there’s interest in the project.

(Merlls Rizzini) #18

Any news on your project?

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(Orlando Del Aguila) #19

Hey @Merlls_Rizzini

Thanks for checking, I’ve been extremely busy lately sorry :frowning:. I don’t have an exact date when I could jump into this, but I’ll post an update when I start working.