USER suggested tweak to red line feature

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I’m a heavy Discourse user on another forum. I have no access (that I’m aware of) to the administrative interface or any documentation - save what I’ve gleaned through sporadic visits to this forum, so please keep my POV in mind!

I use the red line daily. My usual daily interaction - at my desk on my desktop computer - is to first check “Unread” threads, then “New” threads, then check “Latest” and read them - oldest first. The red line really helps me to know when to stop scrolling down my “Latest” list and start reading updated threads in chronological order.

My problem is that, occasionally, I’ll receive an email alerting me to an @ mention, reply, or private message while I’m out and about - and I take the time to examine and reply (as appropriate) using my phone or tablet. This happens most often when I’m using public transportation. And going to the forum to accomplish that specific task sets my “Last Visited” marker update! And next time I do my normal daily stuff, there’s updated threads below my red line!

Any chance of making the “Last Visited” marker device specific? And if so, perhaps add it as an option in User Settings?