User Trust level badge

What can make a user Trust level badge to be locked by the admin?

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I suppose that a multitude of things can amount to staff locking a users trust level whether it be for a good or bad reason. Bad things for example could be spamming, limiting their functions etc. Good reason for locking a trust level (for some reason good things are more difficult to think about :sweat_smile:) trust the user at maybe TL3 (Regular). I’m sure more people will chip in here. :sunny:

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In that case would it be temporary or permanently locked. I want to understand how discourse works.

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Hello and welcome @Annabel :slight_smile:

An admin can manually lock a user to a Trust Level at their discretion, so it could be for any reason. :man_shrugging: It would remain locked until they (or another admin) unlocked it from the admin/users page. The why and for how long would be down to that site’s administration team.

If you have questions about a particular site then it would be best to contact them about it. :+1: