A basic user that should be a member


I am totally mystified as to why a particular user has not been moved up to trust level 2 as they seem to meet every requirement:

If anyone can explain it to me, I would be so grateful.

Many thanks

Did you freeze their user level? Are they long a group that does so?

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Hi Jay, I’m just an ordinary community member so not sure what admin have done or can do.

Is it possible to freeze the level?

Yes it is possible


Perhaps the site has changed the requirements from the default ones that are posted here?

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Yes. A moderator can freeze a user level for a particular user (often when that user has caused some kind of problem, but that’s up to whoever did it). Groups can push a user up to a certain level. I’m not sure whether they can hold it down.

Oh! And what @ondrej said! It’s possible to effectively disable automatic group advancement.

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Thankyou @ondrej and @pfaffman, I appreciate your prompt response.

That could be the reason but the person in question does not seem to be a troublemaker at all.

In regard to disabling group advancement, I myself have gone to ‘Member’ level as soon as I met default requirements without issue.

Perhaps I will try to find other examples, thanks again for your help guys.

You’ll need to ask someone who is an admin or moderator on that site. We cannot guess what they may have done.

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