User Trust Level Not Influencing the Number of Available Likes


@JammyDodger posted Trust Level Permissions Table (inc Moderator Roles) which says the following;

However, when I earned the Out of Love badge, I already had User Trust Level 2. As soon as I earned the badge, I could no longer like posts and was informed that I would need to wait until more time had passed. This makes me think either the initial 50 likes or the x1.5 multiplier is incorrect. If this is accurate, I would assume it is the latter, as otherwise the maths doesn’t work out very cleanly.

I was originally going to respond to the post asking whether he may have made a mistake, however, as I continued to look into it, I began to suspect he had correctly documented the intended behaviour.

For example, the blog post Understanding Discourse Trust Levels also cites a Likes multiplier for UTL2 (admittedly, I’m not sure whether this post is edited or allowed to become outdated over time).

Additionally, badge descriptions for UTL-related badges allude to the same;

So either the functionality was deliberately changed at some point and none of the resources documenting it were updated accordingly (certainly possible, given how large a project Discourse is), or the “have more likes per day” part of trust levels doesn’t appear to be working as intended.

Neither a rubyist nor familiar with the codebase, so I’m not able to take this one any further myself.

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These are controlled by the additional likes per day set of admin settings, and are still very much current: :+1:

There are two messages you can receive about Likes - one is using all your daily allowance [1], and another for if you’re using them too quickly in a short space of time, which also has a cooldown period. I’m wondering if you triggered the second one instead of the first?

I’ve just had a quick blast on my test site with a TL2 test user just to be sure and it seems to be working as expected:

Just to add - The Out of Love badge is also granted daily, rather than triggered by a post action, so that may also account for a mismatch in when you got it versus how many Likes you had left for that day. :+1:

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No; it was definitely the first. Here is a screenshot;

I regret your choice to move this out of #bug, but I won’t risk reverting a moderator’s edit.

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It is indeed good forum etiquette not to override a Team category move without providing more concrete info. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you can give some more detailed repro steps, or another site where this is an issue, we can always slide it back again. :+1:

Having tested it on my test site and it working exactly as expected it seems more like it could be some confusion based on this delay:

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