User types, registration, and category access

Hello everyone,

Question 1: Is there a way to require a user to select a group during their registration? Can manipulating the “custom wizard plugin” work for this? @angus or anyone else, thought?

Question 2: Is there a way to require a user to post a topic to category #1, before they can view the topics (yet see the topic list) of category #2? Can “ProCourse” and “ProCourse Teaser” be manipulated to allow this? @joebuhlig or anyone else, thoughts?

Question 3: Is there a way to combine the above two questions? Namely, during registration require a group AND post-registration require a post to a particular category before a user can see a different category?

Use case: my site will have three types of users, each with a profession related to one another. I plan to load my site with posts related to a professional license/certification, and I’d like profession type #1 to only have access to this material if they first post a topic to a different category (generating a lead), which profession type #2 would find valuable – I’d like to then use ProCourse and Teaser to prevent profession type #2 from viewing this new lead category, until they’ve paid for access. Profession type #3 will have no special access requirements.

Next steps: I’d like to first know if this can be done off-the-shelf, with current functionality or plugins. If it cannot, I’m curious if current plugins can be manipulated to allow for this. If they cannot, I’d curious if plugins can be built.

Time frame: 2-3 weeks?

Budget: I’d like to see some quotes. I have no basis of what this could cost, and once I do, it will help me rationalize a business case to invest into the development. I hope that makes sense.

I would advise you keep the two pieces of functionality seperate (mentally and code-wise).

This is possible via the custom wizard plugin, but we’d need to make some changes to it.

ProCourse Teaser works on the basis of group permissions, so essentially what you want is for a user to be automatically added to a group if they post in a certain category. This is relatively straightforward as a standalone plugin.

ProCourse Memberships would just do its own thing.

So essentially the custom work you want is:

  • Add user group selection to the custom wizard
  • Create a plugin that adds users to a group if they post in a category (in they’re not in the group already).

Does that align with your thinking?


Thanks for the reply, @angus

Ideally, I would like a new user to select one of three user types from a drop down in the custom wizard (which automatically adds them to a group). I’d also like the wizard to include conditional logic; namely:

If user type 1 is selected, they are added to group 1, and they are required to post into category 1.

If user type 2 is selected, they are added to group 2, they are charged a fee (recurring) to maintain in this group, they are required to post to category 2, and they now have access to category 1. This recurring fee is why I added ProCourse to the original questions. Maybe there’s a different way to handle this?

If user type 3 is selected, they are added to group three. No conditional logic.

What do you think?

I just responded privately :slight_smile:

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