[PAID] - Looking for plugin/modification regrading user groups upon sign-up

What would you like done?

In our company’s deployed discourse installation we utilize groups to let users see / hide product categories they do not wish to see, or wish to see. It works fine except many new users forget this and complain upon not seeing what they want. Even with an added FAQ / email registration notification they tend to not realize this, and end up making a post asking for help.

We would like a customization where during the sign-up process the user is forced to select from the available product “groups”, also would need some informative message about the process. Check boxes are fine, something like that.

When do you need it done?


No budget discussed openly, I’ve hired few different contractors here for jobs so far though.

PM me for more details and we can talk.


Damn no contractors active huh? :smiley:

Not active when you originally posted at least. :wink:

I might be able to help. We’ve done a lot of group membership style plugins at ProCourse. Feel free to email me at hello@procourse.co.


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