User unable to view Discourse forums on old iPad

Hi everyone, this is quite a specific issue but I’m not sure where else to turn.

A user has reported not being able to view our Discourse forum on his iPad (his only device). When he navigates to the URL, he simply sees a blank page (and sometimes the navigation bar). I had assumed this was an issue either with our instance of Discourse or his iPad. It turns out he can’t view any other Discourse forum either, including this site (meta.discourse), which I assume is the gold standard for configuration. So, I assume this is an issue with his iPad.

(We had a similar issue last week with an elderly user unable to view any Discourse forum on his Windows XP machine - we attributed this to his machine being unable to use TLS 1.1 or 1.2)

In this case, I’m not sure what to suggest he should try in order to fix this issue. Any ideas?

Here are the details:

  • Device: iPad mini
  • OS: iOS 9.36(13G37)
  • Browser: Safari & Chrome (same result on both)

Here’s what he sees when accessing any Discourse forum:

From our main site,

however your user should be able to use iOS 9.36 per these commits by @joffreyjaffeux

If your Discourse site is up to date there may have been a regression.

That’s said, since that is an unsupported OS, if there is a trivial fix, we will get it sorted but if anything is looking complicated we will fix it so we properly display a “browser not compatible” message on the page.


Hi, when merged an deployed that will fix it:

I don’t want to break browsers for few lines of javascript so I have polyfilled it, however, as @Dax said we are technically not supporting this and this could stop working in the future.