Can't edit topic's title

Hi, I had issues changing the title of a topic on devforum,(a forum site that uses the same software as discourse), I guess it’s because the forum bugged and thinks I’m a new member, and I don’t have the permission to edit the title.

I want to edit the title so it no longer says I have my comms closed

Is there someone that can help me with this?

Topic link: Digital 2D artist for hire! (closed comms temporarily) - Portfolios - DevForum | Roblox

You need to contact the dev forum staff. We can’t assist you there.

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You will need to ask the forums staff. The timeframe in which you are allowed to edit your post and its titel depends on your trust level.

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alright, I messaged the bug support team on dev forum (found out they have a group for that) to see if they can help.

Thanks for the attention

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